Linitop Acryl Vernis

Colourless, protective & decorative water-based varnish for interior wood

At A Glance...

  • Enriched with polyurethane resins for longer resistance
  • Decorates and waterproofs interior wood surfaces
  • Enhances the natural beauty of the wood
  • Resistant to abrasion, scratches and water plus will not yellow
  • Colourless and available in deep matt, satin or gloss finishes
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Linitop Acryl Vernis is a colourless, protective and decorative water-based varnish designed especially for use on interior wood surfaces. It’s perfect for furniture and paneling and it’s enriched with polyurethane resins giving it excellent resistance to abrasion, scratches and water.

This highly flexible varnish decorates and waterproofs the wood whilst also enhancing its natural beauty and it is available in deep matt, satin and gloss finishes. It can also be used with a wood stain underneath to produce a coloured finish, for example you can pre-treat your wood with coloured woodstain Linitop Acryl Prim and then use 2 coats of Linitop Acryl Vernis on top. The hard-wearing but flexible finish makes it perfect for use in difficult environments such as bathrooms and wet rooms – it’s washable too.

Linitop Acryl Vernis is a water-based varnish which is easy to apply and has excellent flow. It can be applied to old, clean, well-adhered and roughened varnish and can be applied with a brush or roller. It is fast-drying and can be recoated after just 6 hours and it’s completely odourless too so no unpleasant smells when working inside.

What can I use Linitop Acryl Vernis Water-based varnish for?

  • Protecting and decorating door and window frames
  • Enhancing the natural look of banisters and panelling
  • Getting a high gloss finish to kitchen cupboards
  • Protecting treasured furniture from scratches and abrasion
  • Replacing old varnish which has roughened

Tips from the Professionals

  1. Preferably use a microfibre roller
  2. Apply Linitop Acryl Vernis in the direction of the wood grain, criss cross the passes and even them out
  3. For an optimum finish, round the corners of the wood by manual sanding and then dust off
  4. Pay particular attention to grooves and butts
  5. On bare wood, dilute the first coat with 10% water
  6. If you want a coloured finish, first apply 1 coat of Linitop Acryl Prim. Then after drying but without sanding, complete with 2 coats of Linitop Acryl Vernis (sanding between coats).


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Technical Data

Read the full technical information for Linitop Acryl Vernis including MSDS on our corporate website.