Linitop Acryl Parket

Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish

At A Glance...

  • Protects indoor wood subject to abrasion while preserving its natural colour
  • Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish
  • High resistance to abrasion, scratches, water splashes and marks
  • Ideal for bathrooms – withstands chemical products including ammoniated ones
  • Dries and hardens rapidly
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Linitop Acryl Parket is a water based, single component polyurethane clear floor varnish for interior wood flooring. As the varnish is clear, it allows the wood to show through enhancing its natural beauty, with a satin finish.

Linitop Acryl Parket has an extremely high resistance to abrasion, scratches, water splashes and marks, making this product ideal for use in bathrooms. It dries and hardens rapidly and is odourless, making for more comfortable application. Linitop Acryl Parket is non-slip, easily washed, does not yellow and also withstands chemical products including ammoniated ones.

What can I use Linitop Acryl Parket for?

  • Protection against normal to intense usage
  • Perfect for use on parquet, stairs, floors, bathrooms etc.
  • Can be used on all wood types normally used for this type of structure
  • Can also be applied over a coat of  Acryl Prim

Tips from the professionals

  1. Good surface preparation is essential for the final appearance of the finish.
  2. Depending on the condition of the surface several sanding stages will be required: from grit 40 to 180. It is advisable to only use one grade at a time.
  3. For a perfect result: Apply Acryl Parket in the direction of the wood grain. Do 3 criss-cross passes in one application by facing the light and starting at the part opposite the door so as to progress towards it.
  4. Start with the edges and then do the entire surface by working in zones of 2 metres by 2 metres.
  5. Do not open the windows during application to avoid drying too quickly.
  6. Coloured base before finish: Apply a coat of Acryl Prim. After drying and without sanding, finish with two coats of Acryl Parket, sanding between these two coats.


Do not cover the sealed surface with carpets or protective covers for 14 days after the application of the floor varnish.
Wait at least 48 hours before putting back furniture, protecting the legs with pads

  • Light usage (with care): 24/48 h
  • Normal usage: 7 days.
  • Intense usage: 15 days.


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This coverage indication is only a guide and actual coverage is dependent on wood type, age, porosity etc.

Technical Data

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