Our range of high performance wood varnishes give a hard-wearing, clear protective film for interior wood. Available in matt, gloss and satin, they enhance the natural beauty of your wood whilst creating a scratch-resistant surface to prevent damage. For exterior and marine uses Linitop Yacht Vernis offers resistance to wet weather and harsh environments.

  • Linitop Acryl Parket

    Water based, single component polyurethane colourless floor varnish

  • Linitop Acryl Vernis

    Colourless, protective & decorative water-based varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Wood Grain Filler

    Linitop Grain Filler

    Transparent grain filler for interior woodwork

  • Linitop Parket

    Single component polyurethane floor varnish for interior wood

  • Linitop Vernis

    Colourless, protective & decorative high resistance varnish for interior wood

  • Marine Varnish - Yacht Vernis

    Linitop Yacht Vernis

    Colourless, protective water resistant marine varnish with UV protection