Exterior Wood

Our range of surface preparation products and woodstains for exterior wood are high performance and will give a professional finish. Whether you’re looking for a coloured woodstain for your summer house or a primer and finish in one for easy and quick application or anything in between, our range will have a solution.

  • Linitop Acryl Prim

    Penetrating water-based woodstain, two-in-one primer and finish

  • Linitop Classic - decorative woodstain

    Linitop Classic

    Decorative high performance woodstain with UV resistance

  • Linitop Classic Acryl

    Decorative satin finish water-based woodstain with UV resistance

  • Linitop Primer & Finish

    Two-in-one primer and topcoat, penetrating semi-transparent woodstain

  • Linitop Solid Solvent-based Woodstain

    Linitop Solid

    Protective solvent-based woodstain with new-generation UV filters