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Before applying varnish to wood, it’s important to ensure that you prepare your wood surface properly. Not doing this could result in a varnish that doesn’t take properly and may end up creating more work for you in the long run. Next, you’ll need to choose your varnish. Water-based vs solvent-based varnish Solvent-based varnishes have […]

Many people enjoy having at least one piece of wooden furniture in their homes. Not only does it look great and creates a nice natural feel compared to metal or plastic, but many woods (in particular, hard woods) are actually very durable. However, to make wood practical for everyday use in our homes, it is […]

Most wood treatments are solvent-based woodstains, but Linitop also produces a range of water-based acrylic paints. Like solvent-based stains, these are suitable for treating both interior and exterior wood. There are several advantages to using acrylics over traditional woodstains, making them the better choice for many people. Advantages of Acrylic Wood Paints As acrylic wood treatments are water-based, […]

Linitop makes a number of great wood treatment and protection products. This means you can be quite confident of finding a product that fits your needs, but it can make it quite hard to work out which product does best match up to your requirements. Here is a roundup of Linitop’s solvent-based wood treatment products, […]

Applying a standard woodstain is a relatively simple but quite specific process. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as stated on the product’s packaging – our guide gives recommendations which are suitable for Linitop products but you should check if you are using products from another manufacturer. First things first though, as a woodstain […]

We’re super excited to be launching Linitop UK, nice to meet you! Linitop is an established and well-respected woodcare brand across Europe and we’re happy to announce that we can now deliver the range to customers in the UK. Linitop produce professional quality primers, wood stains and varnishes which provide excellent protection and a beautiful […]